We are a live entertainment production company.
We conceive, create and deliver stunning performances combining acrobatics, dance and multimedia.
For the last 15 years we have affirmed our company as a leading expert of extreme sports entertainment.
Today we bring the strong emotion of the extreme acts to the theater, creating unique shows that give goosebumps.

Let us create a unique show for your audience from a to z.
Call us to integrate a stunning acrobatic or dance act in your production.
Integrate a show in your theme in park to manage traffic and enhance visitor experience.
Heat up the audience at your event with a turn key show.
Let us organise your casting and manage the operations of your show.

Costumes Hair & Makeup

behind the scenes

Former diving Champion Valentin Kolev reconverted himself into a show performer in 1990. A specialist of high-diving, he has already over 27 years of experience in aquatic shows.

In 2003 he created the company SOKOL. The company is currently the leading show producer of aquatic shows in Europe.

SOKOL has recently opened a new branch in China together with associate Johnny Wang. A former artists and theme park director, Mr Wang’s experience and insight into Chinese culture have been key in this market.

The Magic Romance show production marked the beginning of a successful partnership between Mr Kolev and Mr Wang.